Enduros Male Enhancement Pills Scam Reviews

I came across a new male enhancement product called “Enduros”. It’s said to be “an advanced male enhancement supplement designed to work fast and naturally achieve maximum results”. Best of all, the free sample is available. Now the question is: does Enduros really work as advertised? Read on to find out more from my Enduros reviews.

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Enduros scam reviews: the Warning Signs

#1. Fake Trust Seal: as you land on the order page for Enduros, you will see two security logo at the bottom of the page : “128 SSL secure site” and “Godaddy.com secure website”.

Usually, these trust seals are provided by a third party, typically a software security company, to certify that the particular website is safe to use. As you click on the security logo, you should see a pop up windows that contain the following information: URL of the software seal provider, encryption data, seal activation and expiration date.

The kicker is: the security logo on Enduros site is not click-able! The security seals appear to be fake! What a way to deceive the customers! You should be wary to give out your credit card information to them.

#2. Enduros contains L-Arginine: L-arginine is known to be potent insulin secretagogue, which is critical for blood flow and vasolidation. Early studies show that it may help to increase blood flow to the penis, thus enhancing erectile function and erection. However, recent studies show conflicting results. Perhaps most importantly, L-arginine shows NO effect on permanent penis enlargement.

Keep in mind that your body is capable to maintain adequate supply of L-Arginine. Unless you suffer from severe injury, burns or infection, extra supplementation is not necessary! Higher doses of L-arginine can result in unpleasant side effects, including heartburt, ulcers and digestive upset.

#3. Lack of proof: One of the ingredients of Enduros is Tongkat Ali. Note that the real Tongkat Ali is very expensive. Most of the Tongkat Ali products sold online are fake, which can pose health risk. Few are found to contain unapproved drugs and are contaminated with mercury. I am not sure if the Tongkat ali inside Enduros pills are authentic, as the company does not provide any related proof. They do not say where Enduros is manufactured and where it is originates from.

Beware of the free trials: You are required to pay a small shipping fee in exchange of free sample of Enduros. If you don’t cancel after 12 days, you will be billed for about $90 monthly for recurring supply. Personally, I don’t think 12 days is enough to evaluate a product.

Bottom line?

You should approach Enduros male enhancement pills with great deal of caution.

Recommendation: if you have an interest in potent sexual formula, Vigrx Plus is the product to consider instead of Enduros. The product is a well-established brand with 8 years of solid reputation. It’s the only product that is back by real human clinical studies, and it’s touted by medical community. The product contains Bioperine to ensure the ingredients work synergistically for maximum effects. Also, the unique formula has help many to increase erection, sexual desire, and powerful orgasms. The feedback that we received, though anectotal, are largely positive.

Most importantly, the product offers 60 days money back guarantee. If you are not happy, you can always ask for refund.

Let’s take a look of side by side comparison between Enduros and Vigrx Plus:

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