Xanogen and HGH Factor Reviews: Scam or Not?

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I came across few interesting banners that featured Xanogen and HGH Factor on adults website. The banners lead visitors to few blogs that document penis enlargement experiments. One of the blog is called “Jenny’s Diary” by “Jennifer Soto”, whose boyfriend managed add 2.7 inches to his penis size in 3 short weeks! On another blog, a colleague student claimed to meet a porn star at a bar, who is kind enough to reveal the secrets of why he’s so well-endowed. Apparently, this guy (and also Jennifer’s boyfriend) used Xanogen and HGH factor to make his package bigger!

As it turns out, these are nothing but fake blogs! I don’t think the people mentioned on the blogs even exist! Usually, there’s only one post on the blog, and it’s about how the pills helped the guys to achieve noticeable gain. You will not find anything else, even the comments appear to be spam and pre-written. Specifically, the blogs are designed to peddle the featured the product.

In the past, the fake blogs tactic was heavily to promote wrinkles cream, diet pills, muscle building supplement, teeth whitener etc. The sleazy salesman would not hesitate to create fake persona on the blogs just to get a sale. Now, I started to see the practice in male enhancement industry. Luckily, the FTC have decided to step in and take action against fake blog/news sites.

The burning question is: can Xanogen and HGH Factor enlarge your penis?

Sorry to burst the bubble, the answer is NO. None of the active compounds in Xanogen and HGH Factor can alter your size. Don’t believe the hype.

If you are not convinced, read on and take a closer look of each product.

Xanogen: the fact
The ingredients of Xanogen include: Horny Goat Weed, Maca, Damiana, L-arginine, Tribulus Terrestis, Muira Puama, and Catuaba Bark. Now don’t get too impressed with the technical jargons, they are just a bunch of herbs and ingredients commonly found in most male enhancement pills.

L-arginine may promote blood flow to penis, but it does not guarantee permanent enlargement. For most people, supplementation of L-arginine is not neccesary since the body is capable to produce sufficient L-arginine. The other nutrients may help to improve sexual and penile health, if the bio-availability is good. Ideally, the product should contain Bioperine to enhnace the absorption. Alas, we are not sure if formlation of Xanogen have the mechanism.

HGH Factor: According to its official website, HGH Factor can stimulate the putuitary to produce and release extra HGH, thus resulting in the following benefits: increased tissue repair, support immune system, boosted stamina and endurance. However, HGH supplements has not been proven to enhance sexual function and aid penis growth.

Final note: Xanogen and HGH Factor contains useful ingredients that may benefit your sexual health. However, it is not going to give you the gain as promised in the advertisement. Don’t be a fool!

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